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You decide how much change you want to make, holding space for yourself in your own unique way.

Getting the significant results through change that lasts as you move closer to being more of the person you desire to become.

Nicola creates a safe, caring, confidential and non-judgemental environment. Where you can express any issues, that may be impacting the quality of your life, career, relationships, self-esteem, identity issues, sexuality, grief and loss.


During the one on one counselling, Nicola acts as a safe container and will validate any concerns that are important for you to express and to feel understood, this will help you explore openly and gently at a pace that is safe and comfortable for you.  Individual Counselling is a unique relationship where by the counsellor and the client who is seeking support form an alliance which creates space for trust and personal growth.


Emotional Distress may be very confusing and can be debilitating which is normal during stressful times in your life, or it might be that you cannot identify any possible causes for the way that you are feeling, or behaving ? but have a deep awareness that something is out of alignment and you want to understand it, with a professionally trained counsellor, psychotherapist.


Individual counselling will help you explore feelings and or difficult emotions, limiting beliefs, or unhelpful behaviours.


Some of the problems that clients may talk about with Nicola are:


  • Feeling Depressed and or having a low mood longer than two weeks or more

  • Feeling nervous, worried, over anxious, agitated more than is normal for you

  • Thinking that something bad is going to happen, for example dwelling on those close to you dying, or leaving you, and are over catastrophising about daily events

  • You may be struggling with your sexuality, perhaps you are in a heterosexual relationship and have been plagued by guilt and shame, that you find yourself attracted to the same sex or both male/female and feel conflicted and confused

  • Perhaps you have suicidal thoughts and feel scared that you might act on them and feel that life has lost its spiritual meaning  and or purpose for living

  • You may have a diagnosed disorder or illness and feel that it’s difficult to accept, you can’t seem to move forwards or perhaps feel labelled and that your ‘self-identity’ has become lost by the diagnosis

  • You might be a parent and are struggling to find yourself worth, perhaps not feeling like a good enough parent, or feeling stressed by the overwhelming responsibility

  • You may be grieving, the loss of a loved one, or someone close to you. Or it may be that your grief is around changes to your health, ageing, job loss, or maybe relocation

  • You might be in a relationship that isn’t working and want space to reflect on your personal choices and options

  • Perhaps you are in a relationship where there is mental, emotional and physical abuse (Family Domestic Violence) and you need a safe and non-judgemental person to validate your experiences, and help you with a safety plan, and link you up with other professional services

  • You may be going through a break-up, separation, and or considering divorce these are very painful and emotionally distressing events to cope with alone


When you come for Individual Counselling with Nicola at Inspire Direction, you will immediately feel at ease with her authentic acceptance, warm approach and compassionate presence.  The issues explored are designed to give you the attention you deserve.

Nicola in her role as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist will provide her expertise in helping you to gain awareness and understanding, through personal development and help you build inner strength and resilience.  Nicola will equip you with tools, and coping strategies when discussing your personal designed goals and outcomes.

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