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What mess I hear you ask? I’m talking about the mess in your life and relationships.


I have had to clean up my mess over and over again, you see there are different types of mess and the kind of mess I’m talking about is relationships, your job, family, home environment. Every relationship and event in your life is a teacher, whether you choose to accept it or not.

Nowhere do we learn about ourselves and life more than in our relationships.

Speaking for myself I have been shown many lesson about fear, anger, insecurity, trust, and betrayal.

I had learned the lessons necessary for my potential growth and my life changed.

I have had to work very hard to become aware of myself and to also accept myself as I am for everything that I am and who I am yet to become.

I will be honest and admit to you that the journey of self-awareness and self-love has not been an easy one as it can be challenging, frightening, and often very painful however it is the basement floor and is the beginning point for change and growth.

I draw upon Reflection and evaluation, to unlearn and relearn something new, this requires a willingness and commitment to do the hard work.

How are you cleaning up your mess?

What are you going through in the name of love. Love shows up in different ways in every area of your life, especially if you are not healed in the clutter of other rooms.

Loving yourself or whether it is loving him or her either way it leaks into other areas of your life, career, home, health and it will affect other relationships perhaps with family members, your children, friends, etc…

Maybe you had a relationship and perhaps it broke down, things changed became difficult in the workplace and you lost your job – it seeped into the very cracks causing disappointment, feeling unsatisfied, there will be interference on all channels of your life.

Pick up the remote control of your life and change the channel then clean up the mess in your life.

Sifting and Sorting

Maybe if you start to sift and sort through the mess similar to changing the channels by receiving clearer signals. You may notice that you begin to discard many old beliefs and ideas about yourself and love.

Just like cleaning your house, removing broken items, dusting furniture clearing away dust and cobwebs creating more space in each room by throwing things out.

Begin by cleansing your heart prepare yourself first for self-love and clean up your own mess!

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