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Loving Relationships

Updated: Jul 13

Any intimate relationship between two people develops over time.

In an 'Intimate Relationship', there’s the sharing of experiences, that create a safe secure connection with honouring the differences.

Couples I see for Relationships counselling, relationships & sensual intimacy healing,

Usually come to see me for counselling, for two reasons:

  1. How to reconnect with each other to save and strengthen their relationship

  2. To leave the relationship

I initially contact clients with a Free Consultation Call. This helps to explore the triggers in their relationship and within their communication styles.

Questions I explore can be...

When do they talk to each other?

And, I inquire if there are any sensitive issues that they are both avoiding?

In my couple’s counselling sessions. I facilitate each person to acknowledge their emotional wounds of hurt & trauma with sensitivity.

Most people want to feel special and valued In an intimate relationship

Whatever your issues maybe?

Remember to listen without being reactive and or defensive.

Try reaching an understanding to respond with respect, even though you may not agree on what is happening or spoken about.

You can still validate each other’s point of view.

Couples who can openly communicate through heightened emotions without the need for control.

Provides a healthy foundation for a safe, nurturing, and nourishing intimate relationship.

How wonderful to be held in a space for being listened to in this healing way.


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