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Find your wings and start believing in yourself again...


This photo was taken when I was recently on vacation in South Wales UK, I saw these wings and loved what I believe they represent 'Freedom'.

We must all learn to take time out for life, living and create freedom in our choices. I have recently resigned from a not for profit organisation where I was employed as a counsellor having worked there for over seven years to find my wings and set up in private practice required self belief and risk.

Experience has taught me that when we truly listen to what our hearts desire and step out in faith we must treat ourselves like cherished souls and trust in a divine source to support our efforts. Personally having witnessed through experiences so many times when I have trusted and surrendered control then the unseen magically manifests itself into something far greater than I could have imagined, as I have seen while working with clients.

When you take steps to honour yourself, to remove energies that drain you, saying no to unwanted demands on you time, you will begin to see a rhythm in motion that sets a higher order of sequences for your life.

Begin by taking good care of yourself, notice the moments, see significant changes as you wait for the wonders of miracles to happen in forms of synchronicity they'll become a very powerful source of empowering motivation throughout your journey when you believe in your self-worth and find your wings.

During this week begin to notice by paying particular attention to those synchronicity coincidences that appear in you day to day life as you choose to make 'You' and your self care a first priority. Start a journal and write about these miracles, large or small it doesn't matter whats important is the meaning of significance to you.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog and would like to hop on board to be inspired then take action and attend my Find Your Wings Workshop details are on my facebook page.

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