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When the couple entered the counselling room I immediately noticed that there wasn't any connection, a cold front followed them in. 

They sat like bookends as far away from each other as they possibly could, as if any physical touch might become infectious...


Could this couple be you today? or perhaps in previous relationships it was you? What I have discovered is that we're all designed for Love, Honour and Respect from our intimate RELATIONSHIPS.


  • To feel secure and connected

  • To be honoured by each other

  • To feel respected

  • These qualities can be Transformational

I help individuals and couples find more love support and respect for each other.

I'm interested to know what works best for you

And what's getting in the way of that deeper connection.

I invite you to understand the true meaning of Intimacy through Emotional connection.

Many couples and individuals may choose to view pornography for more passion and fun into their sexual relationship with their partner.

Some individuals may want to experiment and explore their desires within the couple relationship - since it is a very personal mutual activity for each individual then consensual agreement within a healthy loving safe RELATIONSHIP is appropriate.

However the conflict is when Trust becomes broken and the intimacy doesn't feel comfortable anymore with this situation and violations may occur?

Leaving you feeling...

  • Your partner has no Respect for you as an emotional human being

  • Not honouring your body

  • Not respected when intimate boundaries are broken.

  • Whether you are wanting to trust yourself more openly in a current RELATIONSHIP and be able to give love ?


Perhaps it's The need for Receiving LOVE ?

Either way A Healthy Loving RELATIONSHIP is Truly incredible and if we feel safe in ourselves   loved, honoured and respected.

We can begin to let the closeness of giving and receiving the love we want to experience more deeply.

Trusting ourselves enough to Embrace Being vulnerable and learning to open up our hearts, to let it Change and Transform Us - the results can be Amazing.

When we discover how to Give and Receive

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