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Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Have you ever felt that your life is like a movie if so what type of movie?


A thriller, romance, drama, tv series, science fiction, action movie,

Our lives can often feel like this sometimes all in one day.

I know that I’ve experienced days when I have felt that someone is going to jump out in front of me holding a camera and say got-cha !!!

And I can give a sigh of relief because it was only a fantasy movie …

One thing I have realised is that you just have to survive life, no matter what is thrown at you. Don’t ya ?

When life gives you lemons make lemonade but what if you have allergies to lemons.

Days like these may be exhausting and might leave you feeling like ‘what’s the point, I didn’t plan on any of this happening’

What needs to happen when days like these flatten us ?

Rest – Stillness – Quiet times - Reflect

“And how am I supposed to do this Nicola, when I’ve a young family to care for”?

All the more important to make sure you do get your rest and SLOW down…

Moment by moment is about giving your mind the space it needs to reflect.

Take Suzie for example who was always on the go, go, go her life was like a roller coaster ride. Then one day it happened she fell pregnant, had the baby, was in a happy relationship everything was perfectly idyllic. Or so she thought!

Her daily struggles with anxiety distracted her attention moment by moment instead of sitting down and actually enjoying the baby, she became hyper vigilant with external things.

Because her mind’s old program was switched to go, go, go, and the busier and fuller her days became there was a feeling of dread that she just couldn’t seem to shake off.

So what did she do – she fitted even more activities into her already packed schedule.

Until she eventually burnt out, her body couldn’t compensate for the way she was pushing and punishing it to the max.

Of course this story isn’t real, but I know I see myself within it

‘Yes’ I have been her…

I was her and was studying at University, running a business , home and also had two children, a husband, step children, parents, friends, employees, a rabbit, goldfish and two dogs.

I actually ran myself into the ground, juggling all the balls in the air and then one day

It all came falling in around me, I collided with myself coming to a complete STOP.

I was scared, it was a terrifying experience I couldn’t pick my son up to give him a cuddle and I couldn’t even carry him to put him to bed , he was about two years of age at this time. I couldn’t even lift a kettle or a 4 litre milk bottle. I had crashed and burned.

Moment By Moment

I rebuilt myself back to health I learned how to slow things down – focus on what mattered! Accepting that I was not a super woman, I would stop and check in with myself. This would help me to measure if I was moving towards healing or responding to the old program of ‘shoulds’ and ‘perfectionism’?

We need to understand ‘why’ we are doing something?

Hiding away emotional stress often leads to a nuclear fallout in other areas of your relationships and health. The next thing you know is the rug is pulled away from under you and you have fallen flat on your back–winded …

Moment by moment

Stop refusing to check in and ask for help – because hiding motivates us to do things and behave in ways that are not always in our own best interest or those who love and care for us.

SO STOP and check in with the origins of your mind


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