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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

To bring emotional healing to your relationship, essentially it helps to reconnect with yourself first and to build on your -  understanding through raising’ Self Awareness as to the origin of the emotional triggers for you that is being pulled up, from old unhealed stories of your Past relationships, also your childhood.

I will introduce you to your attachment styles which is helpful to understand why you behave that way when in emotional conflict with your partner, which I will write a blog about in my next blog. You may have noticed that your patterns of conflict are to blame one another, avoidance, feeling insecure, accusing, getting angry and or reactive, acting on the defensive or being dismissive, - which only adds more fuel, to an already burning out of control blazing fire.

You might be able to say in great detail everything that is wrong with your partner, and why they’ are the problem and how unsatisfying life is because of them?

I will help you to understand what is getting in the way and invite you to grow your self-awareness muscle and take ownership for your part in the dynamic of the conflict and distressing arguments, how you are close one minute, then going for each other in the next moment?

When I see couples In therapy, usually they complain about how exhausted and unmotivated they both are, from the battleground they are having to fight and defend daily. Initially, I help couples to restore and revive their energies, in their relationships to help them find the motivation to heal, repair, restore, and revive the couple's journey through Awareness, Change, and Transformation. The Couples Program Relationships Transformation Emotional Freedom Therapy It is designed to help you return to the love You both once knew. Uncovering the roots of the problems, whilst that may be both challenging and sometimes uncomfortable for individuals, but it is often the only way to truly heal, and revive your relationship, whilst enriching your emotional connection and intimacy to fully see revival in your self each other and, a harmonious relationship.

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