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Emotional Healing - We are all carrying Emotional wounds of our past in our lives, for many years from our generations...


These wounds may have been DISOWNED

I have witnessed in my own personal life and within the service to my clients the Deepest of woundedness of the heart and soul.


My journey as a guide by your side - is to support and  to help individuals find their way back home to themselves.


When she spoke it was from a deeply wounded part of her self the 'DISOWNED SELVES'

She was lost in an Ocean of bitterness and rage, telling her story of all the abuse in her life and the self harm she had Intended to her own body.

It was not her fault - but she believed it was ♡

If her own family could hurt her and reject her

Then she must be such a bad person inside

Hard to love


Her partner, boyfriend's all rejected her

So, How could she love herself?

Where would she find those DISOWNED SELVES?


The journey is  discovered when 'we' pull up the part of selves ...

  • Courageous

  • Respecting

  • Vulnerability

  • Inner Strength

  • Compassion

  • Passion

  • Empathy

For such a long time, they have been locked away into only one way of Being - in how we choose to show up to the outside world.

Wearing many masks...


It is by Default that we become Stuck, where limits are placed upon ourselves it's at this point of pain, that we believe we are trapped in this demobilized Default position.

All that's visible from this position is muddy and murky waters.

When we curiously explore our possibilities

In discovering by ' uncovering' the DISOWNED SELVES - Then notice how those 'Selves' almost like a Magical Miracle all work together.


We become an Explorer of Ourselves

We discover and uncover many hidden stories those buried parts of our DISOWNED SELVES.

So very safely, slowly, gently and at a soft pace we begin to see what is DISOWNED for us...



From our reference point of pain, we can make a conscious decision a choice about how we can best navigate or respond to a situation...


  • To make an informed decision through conscious choice of bringing in new ideas from a different part of Ourselves!!!

  • As if we are  gathering new information from a group of wise, knowledgeable trusted friends, that have your best interests at ' Heart'.

  • We can reduce our fears once we realize where those Internalized voices are coming from and to Who they Belong ( critical parents, authority figures, manipulative people in your life)

  • Now your Awakened Self Awareness deciphers

  • " I don't have to follow these certain types of rules anymore, I can Choose from my awareness those informed parts of myself...

  • A confident sense of myself to make healthy choices ♡

  • By lessening your knee jerk reaction ( reactivity)

  • To people, situations and environment.

  • We can address this fear ?

  • Which is being Triggered within our Emotional Map of Our Internal Compass of our World.

  • When we return to our Point of Pain- where familiar feelings of ' inadequacy or insecurity arise ...

  • We are able to simply witness or notice from a place of ' self observation'

Similar to a lookout point...

  • Those most triggered primary states, are more visible

  • We understand why there was a need for protective behaviours in our lives, relationships?

  • Self Awareness is now like our Lighthouse

  • Guiding us safely back home to ourselves

  • Navigating us safely away from the recurring points of pain, gently guided towards safer and solid ground.

We can Joyously return to enjoy as we experience other energies that we have been separated and cut off from.

Blissful Blessings Nicola x

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