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Intuition is always looking out for you – I have over the years learnt to develop my intuition as I have a deeper relationship with it.


Have you sometimes noticed that when your gut silently nudges you, maybe it was the interview and its telling you the job is not for you ? but you took it anyway and it really wasn’t a right fit for you and you end up leaving…Sound familiar !!!

I’ve had similar feelings for example when driving to different destination and feeling a uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my tummy, something has told me to slow down and the car in front suddenly stops ‘scary’… notice how intuition can keep you safe !!!

There’s been other situations when my intuition has subtly nudged me not to get close to certain individuals – ignoring this I have developed relationships which have turned out toxic or just unsuitable…

Intuition is similar to daily exercise just like weight lifting, it’s a muscle and the more you work it, the sharper and strongly defined it becomes.

Intuition has saved me when I had health issues a few years ago, the Doctor was treating me for bowel issues and I felt it was more to do with my ovaries – I was rushed into hospital with suspected issues about the bowel when they discover it was actually a ruptured ovarian cyst and I required emergency surgery…

Spending time in stillness and quiet mindful solitude cultivates intuition

Journaling and creativity has also finely tuned my intuitive side …

There have been many revelations and just knowing that I’m on the right track is exciting.

So the next time your gut is directing you or steering you off course in another direction, think twice before ignoring it ?

Practices of daily mindfulness is a wonderful tool to develop a deeper connection and intuitively decipher your inner murmurings’.

So next time your inner gut tells you not to date that person, or drive home a different route – trust your inner compass ( your gut) to tell you the subtle TRUTH …


How often do you ignore the soft whispers of your inner innate voice ?

Would you choose to go to a friend and seek their advice rather than trusting your inner compass is tuned into the right channel.

We all have the creativity to develop intuition

It’s a powerful instrument to remind us that we have the strength and resilience within each of us – Practicing to enhance Intuition as you intuitively, intuit your own choices and decisions, without seeking approval and support in getting answers from outside yourself.

When you already have the answers intuitively within you.

It’s empowering and reinforces the magic within You – no longer seeking external validation…

Mastering your Intuitive Muscle is the Key to Self-Acceptance and Self Approval.

Life is a journey so trust your Intuition to navigate the twists and turns, unseen obstacles that make it much smoother and a safer destination.

If you would like to learn more on how to develop you Inner Intuition ?

I am happy to have a free 10 minutes chat with you.

Coming through my Empowerment Coaching will enhance your Intuition …

Blissful blessings


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