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Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Recently I’ve been following a series called Outlander it’s about a female who finds herself living in the 18thcentury having gone back in time from the 20thcentury.


She has high standards and expectations for getting back to the stones that she time travelled through and is now living in their time, dancing to their tune has served to ignite her fight for survival.

Falling madly in love with a handsome Scottish islander there was passion, mystery, love, and adventure. Torn between finding herself feeling and paralysed with fear, then thrown into the heights of ecstasy and yet finding herself buried under pretence and denial unsure of her true path .

Accommodating the demands of a foreign culture and falling into people pleasing, her knowledge of history was her only weapon which helped her to fit in.

The stronger she grew the more she was accepted ‘however’ the colliding worlds still kept her in a strange place, the pace of the new found community caused her to feel as if she was out of her own body.


What happens to us when we choose to accept this is our life path, which only you and I may walk.

This is the very difference between us, our expectations, those demands we place on one another, for example we expect that someone might do something for us when in reality they’re not even ready to do? because they’re walking a different path.

It’s the difference between being an apprentice or someone fully certified there are ‘different’ demands and expectations’ placed upon the qualified individual than that of the apprentice.

Each having varying expectations of the other !

The apprentice looks to the qualified person for instruction, training, guidance, direction possibly might feel somewhat inferior and self-doubting their own worth and abilities.

Relationships’ are like that when things may not always work out the way we had hoped for or planned.

The path which leads to the summit is as individual and unique as each of us.

Often in our best attempts as we try to influence, manipulate, persuade the other to walk along our path, from our position trying as we may to convince and possibly force the other to walk the same path that we have chosen. Often creates conflict, disputes, resistance an emotional and perhaps even in some sad cases a physical tug of war!

TRUTH is the spiritual path that is TRUE for you.

The path that you decide to walk is truth for you, you can’t force another person to change neither can you insist that a friend, lover, partner, child, etc would think like you and move at the same pace as you, but sadly in relationships you must also accept in TRUTH that they may not walk the path with you at all? and may decide to walk away in the opposite direction thus following a true path this being their own truth.

As we may see in relationships’ that two people might start off together at the same pace walking the same or at least a close enough path, the truth is that it’s extremely rare for two people to have simultaneous growth together.

Know that its ok whether it be your pace is much slower and you fall behind, knowing that you can still love the person whose running ahead of you.

If this is you and your either running in front or running behind?

‘Know that it is still your responsibility to keep on walking as you choose to”

Walk your own path!

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